Grosse Boule and Petite Boule islands can thank Jacques Cartier for their names. When he saw them on his second trip to America in 1535, he named them the “Ysles Rondes”.
When the fog lingers in the Bay, the summit of Grosse Boule, the largest island in the archipelago, is occasionally circled in a very particular way.
The ancients often described this phenomenon by saying that “ the Boule has put its cap on”.
You can stay on the Grosse Boule Island, in one of the three yurts, which can accommodate 4 to 8 people, at the Ferme Maricole Purmer. Others activities are also offered on site.

  • Area: 
    490 hectares
  • Perimeter: 
    12 km
  • Height: 
    210 meters
  • Distance from shore: 
    6,9 km